About Us

Henan Yinzhidu Environmental Protection technology Co., Ltd.(The previous Qixian Yinzhidu Chemical Plant) is a professional productive enterprise of Thiocyanate and Sodium Hydrosulfide. With strong technical strength,advanced equipment and complete testing methods, most products are exported all over the world esp. to the West and Middle East. Our products mainly include Ammonium Thiocyanate, Sodium Hydrosulfide, Sodium Thiocyanate, Potassium Thiocyanate and Ammonium Sulfate. 

Business area:

1. Environmental protection treatment and resource utilization of Coking desulfuration decyanation ultra-high salt concentration wastewater.

2. Production and sales of high quality salt extraction products such as Sodium Thiocyanate, Ammonium Thiocyanate, Potassium Thiocyanate, cuprous thiocyanate, calcium thiocyanate and ammonium sulfate.

3, Fine chemical products and mixed products: 2-Hydrazino-4-methylbenzothiazole (shareholding company), 2-Amino-4-methylbenzothiazole (shareholding company), Environmental dressing accelerant, Bactericide,
marine antifouling products and dye auxiliaries.

Service Content:
1. Process R&D design
2. manufacturing of professional equipment
3. On-site installation and commissioning
4. Technical training
5. Overall operation of the project

Business model:
1. Technical consulting services
2. Investment operations
3. EPC turnkey project
4, Contracted operations